NNLE Kakheti Destination Management Organization – Visit Kakheti (abbreviated as DMO Visit Kkaheti) was established in February 2019 to develop and present the tourism potential of the Kakheti region; The founders of the organization are the Mayors of all municipalities of Kakheti Region and the administration of the State Representative in Kakheti Region.

The mission of our organization

The mission of DMO Visit Kakheti is to lead and manage a long-term development of sustainable tourism in Kakheti, improve its brand, promotion and marketing, conduct research and planning, provide quality and professional service, and develop attractive tourism products through ongoing cooperation, active participation and partnership between all tourism stakeholders to increase their benefits from tourism as well as improve visitor satisfaction. Kakheti DMO will develop high quality tourism experiences and at the same time maximize the services to its customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

DMO Visit Kakheti’s field of activity includes: tourism marketing activities – promotion and branding, relations with various donor organizations for brand development, tourism product development, tourism product quality development and management, as well as investment, investor support and initiative packages.

DMO actively cooperates and implements various projects with all stakeholders, which aim to develop the Kakheti region and promote the development of Georgia with its participation. We connect and facilitate the cooperation of various players in the region, including private businesses, non-governmental organizations and government agencies.